Situated approximately 15 km north of Halmstad along the beautiful coastal road towards Falkenberg, our beautiful camp site is surrounded by the stunning scenery of the region of Halland with the sea as a backdrop.

Our campsite offers large camping pitches and green open spaces. A new area was recently constructed with a new service block boasting environmentally friendly solar panels. The environment is high on our agenda and we wish to offer a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. There is something new every year. We need to always be on our toes!

A new playground with a trampoline, beach volleyball, and a football pitch, and a program of activities from week 26-31. We also offer a kids’ club, a clown, a magician, kids´ gym, nature trails and trivia quizzes, activities for grown-ups, etc. Challenge your family and friends to a round of spectacular adventure golf!

Our long, child-friendly, sandy beach is within walking distance. The fantastic sand dunes are perfect for relaxing, playing or building sandcastles. It is exciting to fish for crabs; they usually bite well close to the reef, and crabbing is a tradition that is as enjoyable as collecting shells when you are at the beach. Adjacent to the beach, you will find our beautiful nature reserve perfect for refreshing walks, and a bit further along is the ”The Troll Forest” – nature´s own master piece with contorted trees, perfect for climbing. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy! We also boast the highest sand dune in Scandinavia.

If you feel like going for a run, there are several jogging trails to choose between, but the long sandy beach that goes all the way to Vilshärad, in the south, is perfect for running along. Equally enjoyable are walks at a slower pace, barefoot along the water´s edge.

We wish you a lovely and relaxing holiday in Haverdal!

Useful information

  • The season starts on April 27 and closes on September 9. During pre-season, the reception is open for a limited period of time, but there is an emergency telephone outside the building.
  • The campsite is situated approx. 600 meters from the long, child-friendly beach bordering the nature reserve. There are toilets and an ice-cream stand on the beach.
  • There is a kiosk and a mini-market with freshly baked bread in the reception area.
  • 300m from the campsite, there is a supermarket, Hemköp, offering a wide range of products, a deli-counter and an ATG bookmaker representative.
  • There are several restaurants and coffee shops within biking distance from the campsite. See our ads!
  • We are situated approx. 15 km from Halmstad. A bicycle path runs the whole distance.
  • We rent out bikes and carts. This can be booked at the reception.
  • The closest cash point is at Flygstaden, outside ICA Maxi (approx. 10 km.).
  • Safety: there must be at least 4 m between caravans. All electric cables must able to take the load and be suitable for outdoor use. Most of the electrical boxes are made for EU plugs. You can buy adapters at the reception. Approved sewage holding tanks must be used. Hydrants, rubbish containers and service buildings do not constitute as play areas. Respect the speed limit at 10km/h. Driving on the camp site is strictly forbidden between 11 pm to 7 am.
  • A first-aid kit is available at reception.
  • Wireless Internet is available, and codes can be bought at reception or via our home page.
  • If you wish to watch TV in your caravan or tent, you have to bring your own digital box and your own access card.
  • The showers cost 5 SEK for hot water for 5 minutes. In the new service building, a shower card is required both for the doors and the showers.
  • Leave the common areas (toilets, laundry and shower rooms, kitchen and washing-up) in the same state that you would wish to find them.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and be walked outside of the campsite.
  • Help us keep the campsite clean and litter free. Use the rubbish containers that are placed around the camp site.
  • Weekly timetables and other events at the campsite are posted on the doors to the service buildings or to reception.
  • Throwing or kicking a ball between tents and caravans is not permitted. Help your children find locations that are suitable for playing and ball games.
  • Visitors of camping guests are requested to park their vehicles in the parking lot outside of the site. Sometimes, a fee is charged to the visitors.
  • Departure. Unless otherwise agree with staff in reception, the camping pitch must be vacated and cleaned before 12.00 noon on the day of departure so that new guests may gain access. We would be grateful if you could let us know in advance what day you intend to leave, particularly during high season.
  • Look after the environment – it needs our protection.


Campervans are becoming more and more common and we are working hard on adapting our facility to be able to accommodate these. We are not unique in this. To this end, we have started altering some of our pitches specifically for campervans, installing reinforced bases as campervans often are heavier than ordinary caravans. We are also looking at solutions where we would install some pitches outside the barrier. Since some of our pitches are large, we can already accommodate the largest campervans on the markets.

Excursions ans activities

The towns around Haverdal´s Camping are within easy reach. It takes approx. 15 minutes by car to get to Halmstad and approx. 30 minutes to get to Falkenberg. We are also on a bus route – there are regular buses to both Halmstad and Falkenberg. Just strolling through these towns/holiday destinations is a pleasure in itself, but should the mood take you, there are plenty of other activities – water parks, outdoor swimming pools, go-carts, museums, theme parks, shopping, cafes, restaurants…

Along the roads around Haverdal, there are lots of exciting and interesting places to visit. A car is of course useful but, if you can, try to go by bike. The countryside around Haverdal is extremely bike friendly and there is a bike path all the way to Halmstad running on the old railroad tracks. The path to Steninge will be completed in the spring of 2012.

We welcome you to the West Coast at its best!

Adventure Golf

The new Adventure Miniature Golf Course at Haverdal´s Campsite was launched on May 1, 2009. It consists of twelve holes and is played on artificial turf. The course is quite undulated which makes the whole experience even more exciting and fun. An additional extra is the wonderful environment with lots of vegetation and water. Adventure miniature golf is a fun activity for the whole family and as the saying goes ”there is a competitor in each and every one of us”, so take the opportunity to challenge the whole family to a round of mini-golf. The winner gets to pay for the ice-creams from local manufacturer Sia glass in our ice-cream kiosk! Welcome!

Fees & opening times:
Adults 60 SEK
Children 40 SEK

Open weekends during spring.
From 8/6-25/8, open daily 9 am – 10 pm. For booking and group discounts please contact: 0046 35 523 10